Love: The Only Virtue

Love as a virtue encapsulates all other virtues in life, and we all have it in us. However, we can choose either to embrace this innate virtue and share it with the world around us or suppress it. You can’t say you’ve lived if you haven’t loved or been loved. Everyone is a product of love or has been in love or has loved, but not everyone can say they have loved perfectly.

In Love: The Only Virtue, author Dr. Jude Dike offers insight and perspective into the virtue of love. He communicates that to love perfectly is to transcend the hate, differences, and judgmental opinions both internally and externally to a higher realm of harmony with your source, self, and the society. To love perfectly is to embrace what we have in common with our source, society, and surroundings and work toward understanding the uncommon territories.

In this guide, Dike presents familiar views but also steps into unfamiliar terrain about loving perfectly. He communicates that love is the foundational and all-encompassing virtue. You need love for the other virtues to function, and they cannot exist in their perfect state without love.



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