The Book

The supremacy of love comes from the revelation and submission that God is love!
Everything God does comes from love and this is exhibited in the creation of mankind.
This makes every human, believer or not, a product of love. We were all created and brought forth in the love of God. We have the DNA of God in us!

God’s love for mankind is defined as extravagant, without limit, and incomprehensible.
It is important to reiterate here that God does not love the believers only but all mankind, even those that do not recognize or accept Him or are practicing other faith or religion. From this premise or understanding of the unparalleled love of God for mankind, we can submit that Jesus did not die for the Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, or believers only, but He died for every human being in the world.

Therefore, no matter where you are in your faith or life’s journey, always remember that God—your Father, the Creator of the universe and mankind, or in another name or form as you recognize Him—loves you the way you are. This means that God is in love with you and will always accept you and welcome you the way you are when you decide to accept Him as your God, Creator, and Father.